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Self Heating Magnetic Neck Massager & Support Pad

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Do you find yourself with a nagging neck or headache, especially after a long and stressful day? Get rid of this pain in a natural and safer way.

Neck pain can be due to a wrong sleeping position or being in a hunched over sitting position at work commonly called Tech-Neck. This pain is usually due to an irritation of soft tissues within muscles.

neck pain relief pad in action

Our Self Heating Magnetic Neck Massager & Support Pad offers a great way to relieve neck pain and soreness to get on with your day.

Magnet Therapy for neck pain

It uses untapped magnet therapy to provide natural and safe healing from stubborn neck pain. Its self-heating fabric quickly generates a deep penetrating warmth that lasts and goes directly to your problem areas


Note: Not suitable for pregnant ladies or patients with pacemakers


✅  Its 18x highly effective magnets stimulate increased blood circulation for comforting warmth that soothes the painful muscles around the neck.


✅  The compact size makes it portable ideal for anyone dealing with intermittent neck pain that comes and goes throughout the day.

magnetic therapy features

✅ It's lightweight and ergonomic design ensure it feels comfy even when it is worn for longer periods (if needed) to wear at all times!

Comfy and light weight magnetic therapy

✅  This effective magnetic therapy product is made of high quality, breathable neoprene and cotton materials so that it feels comfortable on your skin while gently working to alleviate you from neck pain.

Premium material neoprene magnet therapy

✅   It's discreet so you can take it with you everywhere; work, car, plane, train or wherever you need swift relief from pain and discomfort.

How To Use?

1. Using a moist cloth, wipe the magnetic beads all around the neck pad. This will help convey heat. If you do not moisten the magnetic beads, it can take longer to heat.

2. Wrap it around your neck securely. Make sure that it fits comfortably around your neck. You will feel the magnetic beads start to heat up slowly.

3. Allow 15-30 minutes for the neck pad to heat thoroughly.

4. Use 2-3 times a day at 3-hour intervals. If the neck pad becomes too hot for your comfort, unfasten and remove it from your neck. The neck pad will begin to cool automatically.

Perfect magnet therapy for pain and inflammation. Get yours today!

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