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Acoustic Phone AMP

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Don't get tied to the cable ever again

Acoustic Phone AMP is worth every penny of yours, here is why

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy to carry
  • Amplifies the sound up to 20 Decibels (dB).

An acoustic work of art in itself, our Acoustic Phone AMP is a passive phone speaker that amplifies your phone's sound through the magic of good old-fashioned physics. This bad boy has been nicknamed as TINY-BUT-MIGHTY by music lovers. Great for times when you want to enjoy, without the hassle of cables, cords or a power source.

This Acoustic Phone AMP is more than an amplifier, it also acts as a portable phone holder compatible with any smartphone on the market. Simply place the mobile phone onto the holder and you can now enjoy a HI-FI effect.  It's bold design and loud colours makes it the lightest and the most effective of its category. Whether it is to watch a movie or doing the dishes, just clip your phone on the opening of the amplifier and start enjoying HI-FI Sound System!

Package details: 1 x Acoustic Phone AMP

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