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Pest Reject Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

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Every time you switch on the light, the sight of invasive mice, cockroaches and other pests running from one corner to another runs a chill throughout your body! Sounds familiar?

Our Plug in Pest Reject Ultrasonic pest repeller is your best pest defender. Rodent traps, insecticides and electric insect zappers are no longer effective solutions as these kill the pests most at times but do not stop them! With PestExpert's Pest Reject Ultrasonic Pest Repellent you don't have to worry about these invasive pests anymore.

Ultrasonic Pest reject repeller work by emitting ultrasound waves (not audible to human beings and pets) not only drives these pests (including mice, rats, rodents, spiders, flies, roaches and many more) away but also deter them from entering too. Hence this ultrasonic pest repeller is safe for the entire family including pregnant women, children and pets. However, please do not use this device if you have a hamster as a pet. All that without the use of any poisonous chemicals or costly procedures. 

It's an easy solution to all your pest related dilemmas. A must-have device for households, particularly with kids, toddlers and pets.

Features of this ultrasonic pest repeller

✅  Super effective against rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies

✅  A protective shield, safe for everyone through Ultrasonic sound waves

✅ Safe & Non-Toxic way for pest control

PestExpert's Pest Reject produces ultrasonic soundwaves and pulses, (inaudible and unharmful to human beings and pets) that deters these pests from entering. No need to use toxic chemicals.

✅  Works nonstop continuously as Pest Control

The device continually emits 20~55KHZ high-frequency ultrasonic waves so that you can be at ease regardless of what time of the day or night it is

✅  Finally an ultrasonic pest repeller which is easy on the pocket too.

Power consumption is less than 5W, hence affordable too.

**Please note this device works best when put vertically facing the ceiling and not horizontally facing the floor

Package includes: 1  x PestExpert Pest Reject

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