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Anti Blue Light Glasses

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Are you a the risk of Digital Eye Strain?

Blue lights have been identified as a leading cause for headaches, tired eyes poor sleep and affect our productivity.

If left unchecked it can cause serious long-term damage to your eyes.

Nearly 70% of adults experience some form of digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices..

So, how do you?

Given the challenges we face, it is virtually impossible to stay away from digital devices, simply said Trendy Digital Detox is IMPOSSIBLE!

Your time is limited, you need a solution that's quick, easy-to-use and delivers results. So where does that leave you...

You can now alleviate eye discomfort, overcome computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain, enhance your focus & productivity while looking cool and stylish too with our Swiss designed Optric™️ Anti Blue Light glasses.

Do blue light glasses work

Look stylish without worrying about irreparable damage caused by blue lights emitted from smartphones, computers and television.

Given the benefits of our Optric™️ Anti Blue Light glasses, it is a no brainer for people who are bound to spend the majority of their time in front of electronic devices and want to look cool too.


✅  Optric™️ Anti Blue Light glasses are among the best blue light glasses in the market as it is  made with a special blue-light blocking polymer that prevents blue light and UV rays from passing through the lens ensuring maximum protection 

✅  Specially designed lenses that enhance contrast to make sure the sharpest possible vision at the same time acting as anti-glare glasses for computers and smartphones.

✅  Specially coated glasses makes it scratch resistant and can easily withstand daily wear.

✅  Optric™️ Anti Blue Light glasses are durable, sit safe design. Made from extremely durable polycarbonate it is over 20 times more impact resistant than standard glasses! 

✅  Comfy fit You'll forget you're wearing these glasses and with smooth nose pads and ear hooks your glasses wouldn't fall off.

✅  Light and flexible it will survive if accidentally dropped or sat on. 

✅  No ugly yellow tint too

Package includes: 1 x Anti-Flare Car Visor

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