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Keeping kids entertained during this lockdown

If you are running out of ways to keep your youngsters occupied as the weeks of lockdown roll on, you need not worry.

There are loads of fun ways to pass the time as a family and make some long-lasting memories while you do it.

From supporting your child's inner Van Gogh with arts and crafts to unleashing their hidden talent with karaoke. Here are a few activities you can do with your tiny tots to keep them away from the screen, keeping them entertained and active for hours. Best of all you don't need to make a dent to into your bank account

Keep them engaged in a fun & interactive activities

One of the hottest toys of this season. Draw a line, and this cute piggie and Dino will follow the exact path! A fun and creative way to keep your kids entertained for hours. Wondering how they work? Check out this 60-second video. You can get one for your tiny-tots here

Get them active and sharp

With lock-down in place, and parent forced to work from home, we as parents might be tempted to leave the kids in front of the computer while we go about battling the challenges we face. The whole internet is raving about our Hand-Eye Reflex Activator. You can jump in too if you have thick enough skin for not being embarrassed in front of your kids. Go ahead, challenge them and yourself, nothing to lose except sweat and few kilos. Check out how to use. Get yours here

Catch me if you Can

This one is sure to keep your little tykes on their toes. Bringing tons of chuckle. You can join them from the comfort of your sofa after you have exhausted yourself from the above two activities. Check this here